We manufacture INTELLI-PLAC®, the placard label holder, for labeling and re-labeling reusable containers, totes, and pallets, shelves, equipment, warehouse racking, manufactured goods in process, shipping crates, trade show containers and other items.  Other products include specialty tapes, such as our Super Bond woven PP tape for repairing SuperSacks®, FIBC bags, tarps and other products. We also have Memjet printers, label and tag stocks, Sohn label laminating and converting equipment.

Featured Products


INTELLI-PLAC® Placard Label Holder

Our patented, silicone-free placard label holder for labeling and re-labeling reusable containers and totes, racks, shelves, skids, pallets, equipment, manufactured goods in process, shipping crates and other items. Placard label holders available  include: container placards, warehouse rack placards, pallet placards, shelf placards, trade show container placards and more.  INTELLI-PLAC® is sustainable and can be recycled on the container or alone.


 The Silencer

Press attachment for printing presses allows self wound lamination to run more smoothly, faster and with less apparent noise. It saves money, improves quality, increases production and reduces waste.



Sohn Rotary Wizard

is an auto-registering modular rotary laminating and die-cutting system. It takes preprinted material on a roll and automatically positions the rotary cutting die to cut the material in register with the printed image.