FilmLOC® laminations include numerous self wound polypropylene, polyester and HDPE products for laminating digital labels. Our self wound laminates can also be labels or tags printed with flexo and other printing processes.  Also available are linered laminations.

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 Clear 767 Econo
  877 General Purpose
  864 Medium Coat Adhesive
  874 Deep Gloss Heavy Coat Adhesive
  886 Heavy Duty Heavy Coat Adhesive
  896 Extra Thick Film and Adhesive
 Matte  873M Frosted Look Matte Finish


Ultra Clear 866SC Ultra Clear Film Premium Adhesive


Specialty 866H Hot Melt Adhesive
  874E Easy Release Deep Gloss


Material Safety
Data Sheet
MSDS for Polypropylene Lamination


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Clear 976 Easier Release Silicone Top Coated
  996 Heavy Duty Film Release Coated
  916 Extra Heavy Duty Release Coated


TT Printable 986T Thermal Transfer Printable Thin Film
  976T Thermal Transfer Printable


Specialty 916U UL Recognized
  976E Extra Quiet Release Coated


Material Safety
Data Sheet
MSDS for Polyester Lamination